What is WordPress?

If you’re looking to start a blog, online business or if you want to create an online presence, building a website is essential. If you hire professionals, it can end up costing you hundreds, even thousands of dollars to create a website. However, if you can use a computer or smartphone, you can of create your own professional website in minutes, easily.

How can this be? Because technology is advancing everyday, allowing hosting companies to make it easy for you to get started with hosting your own WordPress website. It’s so easy in fact, that you won’t even have to write a line of code.

We like to use WordPress to create websites. WordPress is a content management system or CMS, which allows you to create pages – like product information pages or about us pages. You can also create articles, known as posts in WordPress – which is a good choice if you’re writing a blog, news stories or informational content. You can even create a fully working eCommerce website using WordPress. WordPress makes it easy for you to create and manage content because you can categorize your posts and tag them so that they’re easy to find.

To top it all off, you can give your website a custom look and feel by using one of the thousands of themes available for WordPress. This means that you can customize your website and give it a style of its own. Also, You can add plugins to your WordPress website. Plugins give you the ability to add custom functionality to your website, such as adding reviews, making your website faster by caching files and images, adding a subscribe form and adding push notifications. With themes and plugins in WordPress, the sky is the limit to your website’s uniqueness. You can also install plugins that quickly give you access to analytics and the ability to make your website SEO friendly.

WordPress also gives your website built in search abilities so that visitors can find content by using keywords. This allows for better engagement with your website.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to setting up a website. We’re going to show you all about website hosting, explain why you might need it, and how you can get your website up and running in just 10 minutes with WordPress. We’re not exaggerating either. Just follow the easy steps below and find out how.

What is web hosting?

For your website to run on the internet, a few things are required.

If you want the most amount of customization for your web server, then hosting your own web server may be an option for you. What is a web server? Well, all websites on the internet are written using a programming language. WordPress is written in PHP. PHP files can’t be viewed on browsers though. If you try to open up a PHP file in your web browser, two things may happen in Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge:

  • Your browser might start a file download and the PHP file goes to your downloads folder.
  • Your browser might display the PHP file source code in the browser window.

Why does this happen though? Because browsers don’t know how to display PHP files by default. Browsers can easily read HTML files, images such as JPEG’s, PNG’s, GIF’s and SVG’s, video files, script files (like JavaScript) and style files (CSS), but other than that, when it comes to something like PHP, your web browser has no idea what to do with it.

Using a web server allows you to translate your PHP files, like the ones in your WordPress website, and turn them into the equivalent HTML that your browser can understand. There are a variety of web servers to choose from such as IIS, Apache, nginx and expressjs. If those sounded complicated to you, don’t stress. When setting up a website for the first time, none of it matters if you’re using WordPress. WordPress can be easily copied over and exported to another web server quickly.

Your website needs a home on the internet. A place to live. Just like how you share images and video, you can share a website for others to view. You will need a dedicated high powered computer or server, a high quality internet connection and good internet security if you want to host your own website. Those alone can cost a fortune. That’s where web hosting comes in. Companies called web hosts pay for these services and provide a part of it to you at a fraction of the cost compared to if you had to do it yourself.

Almost every online website uses a web host. It just makes sense to.

This is where you have to make an important choice though. There are many web hosts out there and therefore it is important for you to choose a reputable one. Be sure to choose a web host that can provide a high quality of service at a fair price. Ultimately, we want to spend the least amount of time setting up our hosting so we can concentrate on the important things, so I’d say convenience and ease of use also come to mind when choosing a web host.

Thankfully, BlueHost is a leader in web hosting. Founded in 2003, BlueHost have over 16 years of industry experience, providing great value to their customers.

With a wide range of products and services they’re bound to have an offering that suits your needs. With one click WordPress hosting, you’ll have your site up and running quickly. That’s exciting.

What hosting options are there

There are many hosting options to choose from and you should always consider your needs when selecting one.

  • First off, there’s shared hosting. Shared hosting is great if you’re just starting out and looking to build your website. Most shared hosting features an easy to use customer dashboard and more often than not there’s a dedicated team to assist with any queries you may have. BlueHost provides 24/7 expert support. Their expert team is always on hand to help answer your questions, to help you get started, help out if you get stuck and to grow your online presence. You can get in touch with them by calling, chatting or emailing them anytime!
  • Then you get VPS hosting. A virtual private server, or VPS is perfect if you’re looking for power, control and flexibility in your hosting. If you have moderate to high traffic volumes to your website, this option will be great for you. It’s also scalable and gives you root access allowing you to fully customize your server. BlueHost offers Next-Gen VPS hosting. All their virtual private servers are built from the ground up using SSD storage, giving you increased power, flexibility and control of your websites. They have a variety of VPS services to boot and you can choose between the Standard, Enhanced and Ultimate VPS plans.
  • There’s also dedicated hosting, which is ideal if you’re looking for improved security and full customization capabilities. The dedicated hosting option is good for high volumes of traffic, if you have resource intensive needs and if you need the ultimate security and protection for your website. Dedicated servers are completely isolated, unlike VPS and shared hosting and you don’t have to worry about other users affecting the speed of your website. Dedicated hosting means that your servers are not shared with any other users, so the performance of a dedicated server is always stable and predictable.

Some web hosts only offer one type of hosting option. With BlueHost, they offer Shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, allowing you to choose a package that meets your needs. They even offer many different plans for WordPress hosting, making it quick and convenient to set up your website. We’ll be using the WordPress Hosting from BlueHost to quickly set up and get started with our WordPress website.

Which is the best hosting option?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting option is your traffic. If you expect a high volume of traffic it’s better to choose dedicated hosting. If you have medium to high volume of traffic, go with VPS or virtual private server hosting. If you have low to medium volume of traffic, definitely go with the shared hosting.

Another thing to consider is that if you’re just starting out, total control and customization is overkill and shared hosting will be just fine. You don’t have to worry about all the complicated stuff, it’s easy to set up and most times it’s all you need to start your blog, website or online store.

It doesn’t matter which web host you choose. If you just do a search on Google for web hosts you’ll see that there are many of them out there. However, we prefer BlueHost because of their easy to use interface and their reliable high quality hosting. And, in comparison to other hosts, they offer competitive pricing options.

How does WordPress work?

Is WordPress bad?

10 Minute Website Guide.

Choose a Web Hosting Option

Choose a Web Host

Create an account

Choose a domain name

Choose a domain name Provider

Install WordPress

Set up WordPress

Install a Theme

Install Plugins

Create Your Content


Once you have followed these basic steps. You’ll be able to create WordPress websites quickly and easily and in a matter of minutes. Using a good web host that supports WordPress hosting is the quickest way to get started. We recommend bluehost because they let you choose a domain and set up your WordPress website all in the same place. This lets you take care of the important part, creating your content.

  • There are a multitude of hosting options, such as VPS or Virtual Private Servers than they can be complicated to set up and it’s easier if you have a background in web development or some knowledge of hosting.
  • WordPress is a CMS or content management system for easy managing of your posts, pages and content.
  • You can categorize your posts. You can manage your content with ease. You can customize your WordPress site by using themes and plugins.

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